St Bartolomew’s Building Project


The St. Bartholomew’s Project

It has long been our ambition to install toilet and catering facilities at St. Bart’s and, with the help of some very generous donations, it became possible to expand this concept and to seek to include a new meeting room as well. This would provide us with facilities for use each Sunday and at other times and, we hope, would enable us to further integrate the activities of our Church of England School.

We are delighted to report that we have now received the long awaited Planning Permission for our new building and have been able to submit the plans to the Diocese with a view to obtaining the Faculty required. We are hopeful that this will be forthcoming over the next month or so during which time our architects are working on preparing documents so that we can approach contractors for tenders and, of course, ensure that we meet Building Regulations.

It has been a long haul to get this far, but we can now begin to be optimistic that we shall indeed have our new facilities before too much longer; what joy to have a sink in which we can wash up!

Further news as soon as we have it.