St Bartolomew’s Building Project

The St. Bartholomew’s Project

It has long been our ambition to install toilet and catering facilities at St. Bart’s and, with the help of some very generous donations, it became possible to expand this concept and to seek to include a new meeting room as well. This would provide us with facilities for use each Sunday and at other times and, we hope, would enable us to further integrate the activities of our Church of England School.

Following receipt of the Faculty allowing us to proceed with our building project at St. Bartholomew’s. The architect and his team approached a number of contractors with a view to obtaining firm prices and this process was likely to be concluded during February/ early March. However, the onset of the coronavirus pandemic created delays and it took longer than expected to firm up the tenders. Without the ability to hold a PCC meeting easily, the process has taken somewhat longer than we had hoped, but we are now in final negotiations with a selected contractor and, as soon as we have agreement on a contract price, we should be in a position to set a start date and it is hoped that ground work could commence before the onset of winter weather.

We remain cautiously optimistic about seeing real progress before the end of 2020, but it all starts to feel quite possible now.

We have applied for grants to assist us with the cost and, of course, we and Friends of Waldron Churches will be looking to raise further funds as we go forward. Please try to support us as we work towards the fruition of a long held aspiration!