St Bartholomew’s Project

After many years of planning, we saw the completion of our new building at the end of 2021, although it was consecrated by Bishop Martin in August of that year! It is now being regularly used by church groups and others. Indeed, if you know of a group who may want to use the excellent facilities, please mention it to a churchwarden and we shall endeavour to accommodate them.

The building is quite multi-purpose so we endeavoured to come up with a name that would not simply be “The church Hall”. It is called the Alleluia Room and picks up on the lovely stained glass window that sits above the new doorway from the church.

As an added bonus, and due to a generous donation, the parish were able to acquire a beautiful Victorian stained glass window of the Annunciation. This has been mounted in a light box and takes pride of place in the new building.

Fortunately, the project came in on budget and we are grateful to the contractors, Farringtons,  who had some difficult situations to deal with as a result of Covid and supply issues. We have received many compliments about the unusual design and, indeed, we are looking at the possibility of entering it for an award. We are grateful for the support and guidance we received from our architect, Simon Franks throughout the project.

Outside, Freddie Everett has created a beautiful small garden which further enhances the building. If you have not yet seen it for yourself, do come along.

Quinquennial Inspection – St. Bartholomew’s
This took place in late 2022 and identified a number of areas where some remedial work was required. With help from Friends of Waldron Churches, some electrical improvements have been completed and we are addressing some of the other issues as we go through 2023.

Quinquennial Inspection – All Saints
This took place in October 2019 and a number of areas identified for attention have been addressed. However, we are aware that further action will be needed over the coming few years to ensure the church is maintained in good order.

Organ restoration – All Saints
Following the excellent response to the fund raising efforts during 2019, we have been able to have extensive restoration work carried out on our organ. We were able to celebrate the completion of the work by having an excellent recital in October 2019. As part of the regular tuning visits, we are seeing ongoing modest “upgrades” which should keep the instrument in good working order for some time to come. Thank you to all who supported this project.