The St. Bartholomew’s Project

It has long been our ambition to install toilet and catering facilities at St. Bart’s and, with the help of some very generous donations, it became possible to expand this concept and to seek to include a new meeting room as well. This would provide us with facilities for use each Sunday and at other times and, we hope, would enable us to further integrate the activities of our Church of England School.

The process is proving to be rather more demanding than we had hoped. After careful consideration of what the new build should offer, which included input from the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC), Heritage Assessment, VAT experts and reference to the Parish Council, we instructed our architect to draw up plans. These were submitted to Wealden District Council in August 2018 and, due to some pressures on them, the anticipated decision was deferred until November to which delay, we agreed.

Since then we have had ongoing discussions and meetings with the Planning Officer with a view to reaching agreement on a design which would satisfy us and the planning authorities.

The current position is that we are now having our architect draw up a fresh design based upon ideas we have submitted to him, with a view to getting this in front of the Planning Officer by 1st April when she returns from leave.

We are now working on the principal that a “bad” deal is better than “no deal” if we ever want to get the project moving. We remain optimistic, as ever, that we shall obtain an approval to a building as Wealden have already indicated that they agree in principal with our requirements; it is just a matter of design.

We shall endeavour to update you as soon as we are able.


All Saints re-ordering

It is pleasing to report that virtually all aspects of the re-ordering at All Saints are now complete, including the installation of new storage facilities and a sink and hot water system. It also includes an excellent mobile servery which was paid for by Friends of Waldron Churches and for which we are extremely grateful. Their support for our new lighting and flooring is also appreciated. We expect to finalise the tidying up of the area near the vestry fairly soon now and, once we know what the St. Bart’s project may involve, we can look at the next phase to include toilet facilities!

Organ Restoration Project – 2018/9

Due to a highly successful fund raising effort it was possible to cover the expense of the first phase of renovations to the organ at All Saints and, indeed, sufficient funds were available to pay for a second phase of work that was carried out early in 2019.

Although an instrument of 1903 vintage will always require some ongoing attention, we believe that we have greatly improved the prospects for maintaining the organ for another hundred years or so!

Our grateful thanks to all who supported us so generously and who helped to make this possible.