Parish Collections

Parish Collections - Parish Giving Scheme

 A sincere thank you to all those who have been contributing to our funds during the current “lock down”. This is very much appreciated and is extremely important to us.

Fortunately, with a good number of folk now part of the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS), this is helping enormously with the production of some regular income. However, we are still missing our weekly collections and pink envelopes so I would ask everyone to consider whether they might sign up for the PGS.

This scheme is a 21st Century solution to address one of our greatest problems which is to be reassured as to the regular income we can expect to receive for the Parish.

Donors arrange to support our churches by way of a Direct Debit which can be set up monthly, quarterly or annually. If you are a UK tax payer, and, therefore, your contribution qualifies for Gift Aid, this is automatically claimed and the benefit passed to us.

The scheme is administered centrally for the Church of England and we simply receive a bulk payment each month along with the tax recovered, making our own Parish administration extremely simple. For those who wish to remain anonymous, there is the capacity to do so and, importantly, you can also index link your donations if you wish, avoiding the need for ongoing reviews!

If you would like to join you can do so by telephone on 0333 002 1271 or if you prefer just let the Treasurer know (Ian Dixon – 01435 813363)  and further guidance and application forms can be provided.