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Quinquennial Inspection – All Saints
This took place in October 2019 and a number of areas identified for attention have been addressed. However, we are aware that further action will be needed over the coming few years to ensure the church is maintained in good order.

Organ restoration – All Saints
Following the excellent response to the fund raising efforts during 2019, we have been able to have extensive restoration work carried out on our organ. We were able to celebrate the completion of the work by having an excellent recital in October 2019. As part of the regular tuning visits, we are seeing ongoing modest “upgrades” which should keep the instrument in good working order for some time to come. Thank you to all who supported this project.

Church collections

Rather like the Chancellor, I have been reviewing our income and spending for 2020 and it will come as no surprise that our church collections look likely to be around 50% of what we would usually receive. Effectively, this means that we are some £3,500 short and, as a result, will probably end the year with a deficit for the first time in many years.
Naturally, much of this is due to the closure of churches and the lack of congregation added to restrictions on weddings etc.
If you have been in the habit of contributing when you come to church, I would ask you to consider whether you might be able to support us as we seek to deal with the shortfall. Any contributions, however, modest would be much appreciated and can be sent to me at Brambles, Dern Lane, Waldron, TN21 0PN or if you prefer, they can be paid directly to our bank account; Waldron PCC, (30-98-77 – Lloyds) Account No. 02677809.
Thank you in anticipation

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