What’s on this Week

Next Week:

Sunday 7 August - Trinity 8, Lammas at All Saints
8am Holy Communion bcp
President & preacher: Rev’d George Pitcher
10am Lammas Eucharist at Heronsdale (details and directions in next week’s e-news)
President & Preacher: George Pitcher

Book of Prayer: Reg, Sophie, Ann, Jenny, Diana, Sheila, Peter and Rosemary, Margo.

And for the repose of the souls of:  Adrian Wines, Laragh Chambers


Church services

We are now well into the usual pattern of services with First and Third Sundays at All Saints and Second and Fourth Sundays at All Saints. Fifth Sundays as per announcements in eNews and on the website.

Communion is available to all in both kinds, i.e. the bread and the wine and it is up to individuals to decide whether they wish to simply receive the bread or, if they wish to intinct (dip their wafer in the wine) or actually accept the chalice. Please feel free to go with whatever you feel most comfortable with.


Livestreaming of Services

Now that we are fully operational with our regular services and with the removal of all Covid restrictions, we plan to stop live streaming our services each month. We may do so for special services, but we are advised that hardly anyone is looking at our service online, hence it would seem an unnecessary arrangement. If you have any views on this, please let the churchwardens know.


St Bart’s Project – Alleluia Room

Our new building is now fully operational, and it is good to see different organisations starting to make use of it. If you are connected to any particular group or know of anyone who might like to use the facilities, please let a churchwarden know and we shall be pleased to see what can be arranged.


Book of Prayer: Sophie, Ann, Jenny, Diana, Sheila and Adrian, Peter and Rosemary, Margo. 

Ukrainian Crisis - Update on donations

As you know, we are continuing to monitor the situation with regard to the provision of support for Ukrainian refugees.

We are now seeing people arriving locally and I am pleased to report that, at a gathering on 21 June I was able to meet with some of them and to link up with the co-ordinator for the Heathfield area along with others who are supporting the refugees.

It is good to report that, in the main, our guests are settling in well and a key part of their future plans is to learn English. Appropriate classes are being set up, but it seems that there will be a need for some ongoing “one to one” conversational gatherings where they can practice and develop day to day language to help them as they seek to integrate.

I have offered the use of the Alleluia Room for any such gatherings and have indicated that this is a project we should be pleased to support. I await more details, but if you feel you would be able to commit a little time to this project, please let me know so that I can liaise with the co-ordinator. This does seem a very practical way in which we can support the local efforts.

In the meantime, the situation in Ukraine continues to be critical so the demand remains for cash contributions so please use the DEC website for this if you are able.

Ian Dixon