We are delighted to advise you that we are allowed to welcome people to our services as from Sunday 5th July.

As we make this next step forward, we have needed to adopt some measures to ensure the safety of all who attend. As we are also moving gradually into the practice of “live streaming” our services as well, it has been decided that:
The first service open to the congregation will be the 10.00am Parish Eucharist on Sunday 5th July
8.00am Holy Communion service will be accessed “online” only as hitherto.

This will provide time for us to assess the measures we are taking for both live streaming and for future services before we move forward again at St. Bartholomew’s the following week.

For those attending the 10am service:

  • You will be asked to use the sanitizer at the church upon arrival and upon leaving.
  • You will also be asked to observe the 2 metre “social distancing” requirements and to sit in the pews where a label has been added to assist with this process.
  • “Households” may sit together, but please respect others need to maintain a suitable distance. We believe that common sense will prevail.
  • Please allow time for everyone to get into church (as we need to start our services promptly when live streaming), whilst maintaining the social distancing.
  • When leaving, please also recognise the need to maintain suitable distances.
  • Communion will only be offered in the first kind, that is, by taking a wafer; we shall not be taking wine from the Chalice. The process for communion will be explained by the celebrant when we shall be operating a “one way” system for approaching and returning from the altar.

We trust that our arrangements will be relatively easy to follow and enable us to gather as a body of the church once more without placing anyone in danger.

We shall continue to refine our plans as the weeks go by in the light of further guidance.

Our Parish Retreat
A retreat day on our theme ‘The Body of Christ’, will now be held on Saturday 10 October 2020 at Patmos, Monastery of the Visitation, Foxhunt Green, Waldron, TN21 0RX. We’ve plenty of time but please let Judith know if you would like to attend.  Please contact her by email