Lost and Found

This is the name of our parish bereavement group.  It’s a club that no one would ever wish to qualify for, of course – but it is nevertheless a group of people who find joy and laughter in the company of others who they know share the grief of loss of someone they love, whether they want to talk about it or not. It’s not a church group, in the sense that there is no specific religious commitment in what we do - we’re simply there as a mutually supportive group for anyone who would like to join in.

Lost and Found Horam Cafe

Belated greetings to you all for 2020 ! A bit wet and breezy so far. I know that traditionally this can be a tricky time of year to get around but the days are lengthening and the snowdrops popping up. George and I would love it if you could join us on Saturday 29 February at Culverwood from midday onwards. Let's have a shared lunch together ? As ever, do bring-a-dish or a bottle and we'll have a good catch-up. Let me know if you need a lift too.

I plan to organise a pub-lunch around Easter - more info to follow.

Hoping to hear from you, - Mobbs


If you’d like to join in or simply be kept informed of upcoming Lost & Found events, do please let Mobbs Pitcher→ know. You’ll always be most welcome.

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