Lent Reflections – 2021

A series of six Lent Reflections entitled
"We are Pontius Pilate's Brothers & Sisters"

You will need nothing by way of preparation, though George will be referring to Pilate: The Biography of an Invented Man, by Ann Wroe (£9.69 from Amazon), if you would like to read it. If you have a bible handy that may be useful too.


Lent Reflections V - 20 March 2021
Pilate's brother Judas

Lent Reflections VI - 27 March 2021
Pilate's Big Question

Lent Reflections III - 6 March 2021
Being a Colonial


Lent Reflections IV - 13 March 2021
Pilate The Comic Actor 


20 February - Lent I
The Inversion of Power


27 February - Lent II
Where Pilate Hailed From