Family Support Work

Update 21 October 2020

What a bumper harvest we have had; such huge generosity from our churches and Cross in Hand Primary school who had a ‘Harvest Tins for Tuesday collection’.
In particular we had asked for tinned goods – meats, fruit and vegetables. These, together with milk, squash, tea. coffee, cereals, pasta, rice, and biscuits, loo rolls, cleaning materials and toiletries will ensure that our families in need of support will not go hungry.

Other churches and schools who are in our deanery bring their offerings to Heathfield as we are the collection point for moving the food directly onto FSW.

Today Carollyn and I loaded the FSW van.  A mammoth task , 12 large supermarket trays, upwards of 60 carrier bags of tins- some large bags for life some ordinary sized bags: An enormous cardboard box of cereals and cardboard boxes of assorted jars and packets, nappies and baby milk. All of this will find a good home very quickly as the latest account of FSW’s work in numbers for September is:

  • 242 socially distanced visits and 134 phone calls supporting 49 grandparents, 318 parents and 305 children
  • 28 supported meetings with other agencies
  • 16 online group sessions
  • 265 food deliveries made

A quote from one of our families: “The service is truly remarkable and no amount of words can thank you enough for the support you have provided us with
It’s a good feeling to know that with everyone’s help we are making a REAL difference.
THANK YOU from Carollyn Stanbridge and Sarah Mackenzie.

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