Welcome to the parish of Waldron. All Saints’ Church, Waldron and St. Bartholomew’s Church, Cross in Hand

Our parish church is the beautiful early-medieval All Saints in Waldron and its daughter church is the charming St Bartholomew’s in Cross In Hand.

You can be assured of a warm welcome at any of our wide variety of services or events, whether you’re on your own or bringing your family, whether you’ve started the journey of Christian faith or whether you haven’t, whether you think you believe in God or whether you don’t.

Don’t worry about why you want to come - just come.



Sunday 7 August - Trinity 8, Lammas 
8am Holy Communion bcp at All Saints
President & preacher: Rev’d George Pitcher
10am Lammas Eucharist at Heronsdale (details below)
President & Preacher: George Pitcher

Lammas 7th August

Our Lammas service takes place at Herondsale Farm courtesy of the Chambers family to whom we are most grateful.

The service starts at 10.00am and if you prefer a chair to a sit on rather than a straw bale, please bring something with you, although we shall have a modest supply available.

Having checked with the contractors, it is clear that we shall not be able to access Heronsdale from the north end ( i.e. Waldron village end) of Moat Lane and shall need to access from the south end of Moat Lane, travelling via the diversion through Foxhunt Green. Signposts should be up to aid you so do come along for this special service and join us afterwards for some light refreshment.