Welcome to the parishes of All Saints, Waldron & St Bartholomew's, Cross in Hand

Our parish church is the beautiful early-medieval All Saints in Waldron and its daughter church is the charming St Bartholomew’s in Cross In Hand.

You can be assured of a warm welcome at any of our wide variety of services or events, whether you’re on your own or bringing your family, whether you’ve started the journey of Christian faith or whether you haven’t, whether you think you believe in God or whether you don’t.

Don’t worry about why you want to come - just come.


Sunday 23 June at St Bart's (4th Sunday)

8am Holy Communion bcp
President & Preacher: George Pitcher

10am Parish Eucharist
President: George Pitcher,  Preacher: Andy Delves
First Reading: Isaiah 65:1-9 - DorothyWithers
Psalm: 42
Second Reading: Galatians 3, 23-29 - Ray James
Gospel: Luke 8, 26-29
Intersessions: Richard Maylam
Welcome: Muriel Campbell
Sidesperson: Christine Bell
Coffee: Ann Bassett & Anne Brine