What we are

We're Anglicans in the Church of England, in the liberal and reformed anglo-catholic tradition. What does that mean? Well, put as simply as possible (which isn't easy) we're here to serve our whole community and all people, of all faiths and none - this is sometimes called the Social Gospel. You can read our Parish Mission here. What we are is what we believe - that we represent, along with all other churches, the living body of Christ in the world today and that, at our best, we can be healing and transformative of our world. Big claims, but that's the Christian story!


What we try to do

We try to live by actions, not just words. We try to follow the example of Jesus, who shows us in his life a God who accepts everyone who comes to him. So everyone is welcome, just as they are - we're not a club for good or holy people, but for everyone, whether you have faith or you don't, whether you have friends and family or you don't, whether you're happy or sad, whether you love or hate yourself.
The Christian story tells us that we're loved more than we can possibly know, just as we are.

We come together for services of worship every Sunday, alternating between our two churches in the parish.  We will always try to celebrate Holy Communion - founded by Jesus' Last Supper with his friends - but we also make room for Matins, Evensong and other services, events and prayer groups during the week.


What we ask of you

Nothing. Just that you come in your hopes and your fears, your joys and your sorrows, to meet an extraordinary God among ordinary people.
If you want to get more involved in our ministries that's entirely up to you - it may be God calling! He'll do the heavy lifting, if we just let him.

All our services of worship at both our churches are listed below - or just click on Diary to check what's happening!

We have at least two services of worship, alternating between our two churches every Sunday.

Quarterly Diary

We try to celebrate the full range of Anglican liturgy available to us, from the traditional 17th. century Book of Common Prayer through to more modern and informal styles of worship for Communion, Matins, morning and evening prayer and family services.


1st. and 3rd. Sundays of the month, services are held at All Saints' in Waldron - view map and directions here


2nd. and 4th. Sundays of the month, services are held at St. Bartholomew's in Cross-In-Hand - view map and directions here


5th. Sundays of the month, we alternate between our churches (please check Diary for details) - Download the Diary here



8am    Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)


10am    Sung Eucharist (Common Worship)


3rd. Sunday of the month, 10am Matins

2nd. Sunday of the month, Evensong at All Saints, Waldron, 6pm in summer, 4.30pm in winter.


Confused? Just check our quarterly online diary for all Sunday services and events during the week.


When you need us,

in times of great joy and in times of sorrow, we're here...

The Ministry Team


George Pitcher

Fr. Simon Hobbs

Canon Lucy Murdoch


Associate Priest

Honorary Associate Priest

Canon Paul Cox

Canon Lucy Murdoch

Honorary Associate Priest

Pastoral Services Lead

Honorary Associate Priest


Tim Hough

Christo Corfield

Carolyn Stanbridge

Lay Reader

Lay Reader


Ian Dixon

Richard Maylam

Phil Williams

Church Warden & Parish Treasurer

Church Warden

Director of Music

The Choir

Judith Clark

Arthur Kay

Too many to name here but hugely appreciated

Parish Administrator

Parish Treasurer


Unable to attend Church...  listen to sermons, readings and watch video clips.

The current Parish Diary is available for download here.





St. Bartholomew's map

All Saints' map

All Saints

Opposite the pub, Waldron, East Sussex, TN21 0RA

St. Bartholomew
Opposite the Firs Surgery, Cross-in-Hand, East Sussex, TN21 0LT


Normal office hours are:
Mon - Fri. 9am. - 5.30pm.
Saturday 9am. - 2pm.
Sunday - The office is closed all day but why not come along to Church and say hello.

01435 862816


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If you are able and would like to make a donation for our gospel work in Waldron and Cross In Hand, that would be wonderful and you can do so here.

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